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With over 70 years of experience in the manufacture of precision joinery, the Nobilia® factory in Germany has the experience,the processes, and the technology to guarantee the consistently high level of quality. We are Nobilia's exclusive distributor in New Zealand.

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Traditional and Cottage / Country Style

The trend is moving toward naturalness. Discover our cottage / country style kitchens.

Natural materials and turned designs allow you to forget the hectic city life and are reminiscent of that quieter life in the country. Fresh pastel tones and natural colours, traditional patterns such as plaids or floral décors make country / cottage style kitchens a natural haven and family meeting place.

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“It’s about freeing yourself from excess 'stuff' and just simplifying life”

As the name suggests, minimalist kitchens are all about scaling things back and doing more, with less. Whether through the use of lacquer, glass, wood or granite, minimalist kitchens are defined by sleek lines, functional and integrated appliances, frameless cabinetry and the occasional pop of colour.

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When designing a contemporary kitchen, the sky is truly the limit.

There is no standard blueprint for a contemporary-styled kitchen; strong and bold colour choices, and an emphasis on embracing the unexpected. Contemporary kitchens are typically unadorned and free of excess detailing and the complementary relationship between materials, surfaces, and colours. Unexpected details like concrete flooring, brushed silver knobs, strategically and artfully placed chrome and lacquer detailing, and tiny pops of colour offer an industrial vibe softened by visual appeal. A contemporary kitchen can be truly inviting in the most unique ways. The styling mimics a Zen environment, free of clutter, adornment, and visual chaos. As such, the beauty in the materials chosen is given an opportunity to be visually distinct.

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Modern Style

Modern kitchen design is ever-changing; with an almost infinite variety of different styles available.

Often featuring bold and bright colours that can add great visual interest to any elegant and efficient modern kitchen design. European brands have lead the way in modern design and manufacturing and for over 100 years, Germany and Italy have supplied about 90% of kitchens sold in Europe and are the largest exporters of kitchens.

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