DIY Kitchen Design

The DIY Design Centre will allow you to experiment with your new kitchen project.

The Design Centre allows you to customise your project: enter your wall measurements, windows and doors – then begin placing various kitchen units and watch your new kitchen begin to take form.

The Design Centre allows you to select from various door options (country, modern, contemporary, handle-less etc) and benchtops. At any stage you can view your project in a 3D rendering.

You can save your work by creating a unique user name and password, simply revisit the Design Centre to continue from where you left off.

At any stage of your design, you can submit your work and a Palazzo Design member will make contact, and invite you to the store to explore options and prices based around your DIY project.

If DIY is not your ideal approach, simply contact your closest Palazzo Showroom to book your initial consultation with one of our experienced kitchen design team.

Palazzo Kitchens; proud Supporter of the New Zealand German Kitchen Awards.